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We are BLOC Woodshop, we make high-quality, competitively-priced custom outdoor furniture and décor for your home or business, as part of our mission to reclaim lives and restore hope.

BLOC Woodshop, a division of BLOC Ministries, is located in Lower Price Hill, one of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in the state of Ohio. We hire people who have asked God for a second chance to provide for themselves and their families by finding work — work they can’t find anywhere else because of mistakes they made earlier in their lives.

We take these “unemployable” citizens and put them to work learning a new trade, developing excellent work habits, and learning life skills.

But when you give us your business, you will also be giving a young man or woman hope for a better future, and helping fill a local Cincinnati community with responsible, hard-working citizens.

Think of us as a “non-profit”* who “profits” the neighborhoods of Cincinnati!

The mission of the Bloc Woodshop is, to prepare people who are in need of second chance, the opportunity to work. We do that by providing a setting that will allow them to learn and develop healthy job and life skills in order help them begin their journey of living with a purpose.  We hire and train individuals who live in and around the Price Hill area giving them the opportunity to learn new skills that help them revitalize themselves and their families. To work with people for where they are free of judgement so they can discover the strengths, talent and abilities of who God has made them to be.  Knowing that only God can change the heart that leads to changing what we believe and how we act.
Changing a community one life and one job at a time.
Train, teach, coach, listen, walk with and understand.

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At the end of the day, you simply want a beautiful piece of furniture for your home or business at a reasonable price. Which you will get from us, guaranteed!, call us at 513-703-8866.

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