BLOC Women’s Ministries dedicated the Redeemed House on November 29th.  The casual open house event honored all those that participated in the funding of the rehab of the house, and the volunteers that dedicated time and skills to complete the construction on time.   A final prayer of dedication for the home by Joe Jones closed the celebration and tours of the home.   It is planned to be fully occupied in January 2017.

This is one home for four adult women survivors of trafficking, addiction, and prostitution under the name Redeemed. The residential program offers a 2-year program, at no cost to the women*, that includes housing, medical care, therapy, education and job training for two years, without charging women or receiving government funding.    A full time staff member lives with residents.

Located in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. our program has been carefully and lovingly designed to specifically nurture the needs of women in recovery. Based on relevant research and experience, we have designed weekly and daily program schedules so that women can practically and comfortably work through any underlying shame, depression or anxiety. We offer education and treatment for co-occurring eating disorders, codependency and destructive relationship patterns.

At Redeemed Home our priority is maintaining physical and emotional sobriety for every woman suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our approach is one of emotional and spiritual depth.

The objective for the 2-year program is true redemption through loving support, professional guidance, spiritual strengthen and job training so that the Residences can successfully complete the program prepared and equipped to live a life of freedom.

The job training of the women will be accomplished through BLOC’s Sustainable Social Enterprises.

In 2015, BLOC Women’s Ministries established BLOC Print, a social enterprise, to employ and pay a living wage and train women enrolled in the BLOC Redeemed House  program, graduates and others living in the neighborhood (men as well).

BLOC Print is housed in 10,000 sq. ft. of space, in Lower Price Hill, a low income neighborhood of Cincinnati. BLOC Print will sell and produce printing including letter press, screen printed and off set products.

The women will become proficient at business planning, administration, production, and the skills in printing need to secure available jobs, in and around Cincinnati.

Net proceeds generated by BLOC Print will provide the operating funding for the BLOC Women’s Ministries.

  1. BLOC Screen Printing: High quality t-shirts will be designed and printed on time and on budget.  For inquiries contact Jim Green at
  2. BLOC Off Set Printing: High quality paper and printing of brochures, flyers, books, magazines, and promotional pieces.
  3. BLOC Letter Press: Classic old world letter press machines utilizing handmade and free trade paper combined with timeless and unique designs, will produce the high quality invitations, business cards, and announcements.  Rent to print, and printing parties/events. (to open Spring 2017)

Interested in Volunteering?

BLOC Women’s Ministries is always looking for volunteers or donating funds, furniture and supplies.

Please contact Stephanie Young at  or Alexa Bunch at